Why Choose Reiki Master Teacher Louise?

  • Louise has 19 years experience as a Reiki Practitioner and 9 years as a Reiki Master Teacher, and has helped hundreds of people either with Reiki treatments and/or teaching them Reiki.
  • Louise is  a Registered Nurse & Professional Nursing Educator with 40 years of knowledge and experience in healthcare.
  • Held in high regard by her peers, students and clients for her dedication and integrity as a Healer and Teacher.
  • Professional member & referred Teacher of Australia's largest Reiki organisation, ARC.
  • Louise provides Reiki in Melbourne, Beaumaris and Newport.
  • Small group workshops - you receive attention and learning designed to meet your individual needs.

Qualification/Membership Details

  •  Reiki Master Teacher -  Rand  Usui/Tibetan branch of Reiki, 2008 *
  • Shihan( Reiki Master ) Komyo Reiki Do - Hayashi style Japanese Reiki , 2012*
  • Karuna Reiki Master - Non-Usui style Reiki, 2012*
  • CARO professional Practice - Reiki Treatment Delivery and Business Skills
  • Registered Nurse- Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Monash University)
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment, Certificate IV Training and Education
  • ARC- Australian Reiki Connection referred Reiki Teacher
  • AHPRA - Registered Nurse, Division1
  • Aromatherapy - Melbourne College of Natural Therapies (now Endeavour College)
  • Aromatherapy Training Intensives and workshops with Aromatherapists Dr Daniel Penoel, Dr Kurt Schnaubelt and Ron Guba.                 

* click here for lineage charts

Mission Statement:

  • Assist people experiencing a significant health crisis e.g. cancer, or major life event- divorce or death of a loved one
  • Empower people with Reiki to bring peace, happiness and wellness into their own lives.
  • Teach and practise Usui Shiki Ryoho as passed down in the Usui-Hayashi-Takata style.
  • Provide events & teaching to promote wellness for the community. 



About Sacred Lotus Healing

Sacred Lotus Healing was started in 2001 by Melbourne Registered Nurse, Louise Riley. Louise is a dedicated and inspiring Reiki healer and teacher. She is committed to providing Reiki healing and training of the highest standard to all her clients and students.

Reiki Mater Teacher Louise

Reiki Mater Teacher Louise

In 2015 Louise attended the ARC International Reiki conference, it was there she heard Paul Mitchell speak. Paul is one of Mrs Takata's 22  Reiki Masters and he has taught Usui Shiki Ryoho for 39 years. Already a Reiki Master Teacher in both so called "Western" and "Japanese" branches of Usui Reiki Louise felt a call to study further.

Paul has accepted Louise as a Reiki Master candidate in the form of Reiki he holds and teaches - Usui Shiki Ryoho. The lineage bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho is Phyllis Lei Furumoto (Mrs Takata's grand daughter), Paul holds the position of Head of Discipline, he and Phyllis travel and teach internationally. Mrs Takata practised and taught Reiki for over 40 years, she brought Reiki out of Japan and enabled the spread of Reiki globally.

In mid 2009 Louise initiated a Reiki volunteer project which she named the WINGMAN PROJECT©. She developed and co-ordinated this group which provided free Reiki treatments to those affected by the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria's Kinglake area. In recognition of this important work she was invited to speak at the ARC Inaugural International Reiki conference in 2010.

Along with her extensive Reiki qualifications, Louise is also a qualified Aromatherapist. She obtained her Aromatherapy qualifications at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine and has studied further with Dr Daniel Penoel and Dr Kurt Schaubelt in France.

Louise has lived with her family in the Bayside area for over 20 years. She has two adult children and still works in healthcare education as well as her busy private practice.