FAQs - Reiki

I have put these FAQs together from questions and comments from students, clients and friends over the years. If you have a question about Reiki, feel free to send me an email to louise@sacredlotushealing.com.au

General Questions

What does Reiki energy feel like?
Many people describe the Reiki as a very warm and soothing sensation, sometimes it can feel a bit tingly or pulse-like, but always pleasant. One of the most common things people say after a Reiki treatment is that it is very relaxing. No matter what people feel this is just part of what is actually happening.

Is all Reiki the same?

No, there are hundreds of types of “Reiki”, some originate from the Practice that was founded in 1922 by Mikao Usui and some do not.

The word Reiki means universal life energy, however the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho ( or the many styles of “Reiki” that can be traced back to Usui Sensei) is a system developed by Mikao Usui and now used globally. So in discussion we need to be clear when we use the word Reiki what do we mean- exactly.

The loose interpretation of the word has lead to much confusion. I suggest that people do some homework and ask questions if they are interested in receiving or learning Reiki. I speak to many people who have paid good money to receive Reiki healing, or learn Reiki, only to discover some time later that what they got was not what they wanted.

Do you get drained from giving Reiki?
No, when we give Reiki the energy comes through us, not from us. In fact we get our own energy levels topped up. 

Where is Sacred Lotus Healing located?
Sacred Lotus Healing is located in Melbourne's South East suburb of Beaumaris, roughly 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Reiki treatments are given at COS- Natural therapies Clinic in Cheltenham. Reiki courses are delivered in Beaumaris Melbourne. 

Who is Mikao Usui?
Mikao Usui is the founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho. He was a Japanese man who discovered Reiki after a fasting meditation on Mount Kurama in 1922.

What types of Reiki do you practice and teach?

I teach and practice Usui Shiki Ryoho, this is the traditional teachings from Hawayo Takata who was the first person to bring Reiki our of Japan in the 1930’s

How many Master’s training have you done?

I have been taught to Master level in 4 kinds of Reiki;  Three of these have their origin with Mikao Usui - Usui Shiki Ryohohe practice from Hawayo Takata who was the successor to Hayashi, the successor to Usui. Usui/Tibetan Reiki ( has additions from Raku Kai, this style was developed by William Rand, this was prior to his Holy Fire healing system he introduced in 2015), Komyo Reiki Kai ( this style was developed by Hyakuten Inamoto in 1998). The fourth kind of Reiki is called Karuna Reiki and was developed by William Rand and does not originate in any way from Mikao Usui.

Learning Reiki

How do you learn Reiki?
Reiki is learnt by going to a Reiki Master Teacher who will perform Reiki Initiations and provide you with other information and teachings.
If someone has not been given a Reiki initiation also called an attunement, they are not doing Reiki that comes from Usui. We all carry the capacity to heal with Reiki but it needs to be activated by the Reiki Initiaion process.
There are many different kinds of “hands on healing”, Usui Shiki Ryoho is one of these, it differs from these, in particular due to the Reiki Initiation process. 

Can anybody learn Reiki or do you need a special gift/ability before you can do it?
Anybody can learn Reiki. Everybody of all ages and stages of life. Nobody fails a Reiki course - and its very simple to learn and do.

Are all Reiki courses the same?

No they are not, there are many, many branches/styles of Reiki. Each Reiki Master Teacher brings their personality and style of teaching to their courses.I suggest you firstly do some homework and see what style of Reiki resonates- feels right for you. Check the Reiki Master Teacher has received in person Reiki Master Teacher training and is able to show you their lineage ( should be an unbroken line-like a family tree, the names listed should only be Reiki Master Teachers, and trace back to Mikao Usui ). Are they a member of a Professional Reiki organisation and have indemnity insurance? Although these two are not essential they indicate a good level of professionalism. Lastly you can either make a time to have a treatment with them or a chat and ask them questions about their experience and classes, choose what feels right for you.

How long are your Reiki courses?
First Degree (Level 1 or Shoden), which is the beginner level is a 10-12 hour course, delivered in 4 sessions. SEcond Degree ( Level 2 or Okuden), is taught over 3 sessions on 3 different days. Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastership is a apprenticeship style training programme taught over a number of years.

What type of Reiki do you practice and teach?

I now practice and teach Usui Shiki Ryoho as I was taught by Paul Mitchell, one of Takata's 22 Reiki Masters. For me this is the practice that resonates with me most deeply and carries on the tradition from Takata- this practice has been held in its integrity from her for over 80 years. Takata was taught by Hayashi and he by Usui. This form teaches Reiki as a spiritual practice, healing practice, personal  and spiritual development practice, so it is extremely comprehensive.

I learnt Reiki and I’ve forgotten everything, can I still give Reiki?
When you have been correctly initiated to Reiki, it stays with you for the rest of your life. Even if you feel you have forgotten, the Reiki Initiations are permanent and you will still be able to give Reiki. If you are feeling unsure contact me and I will support you, my Reiki commitment to my Reiki students is ongoing - and personalised to your needs.

Can I redo or retrain my Reiki course?
Yes if you choose, you can redo your Reiki course, you will need to make time to discuss this with Louise to help decide what is best for you. People decide to do this for a variety of reasons e.g. to refresh their memory of the theory or techniques they have been taught.

Do I have to do all levels of Reiki with the same teacher?
It is preferable that you do your Reiki training with the same Reiki Master Teacher. There are however occasions that people undertake training with a different Reiki Teacher.

It serves everybody well however, to be clear what style you have been taught previously and the style or form of the Reiki you are going to learn. I always have a chat with students who have learnt from another Teacher so both the student and I have clarity around this.There are however many, many different types of Reiki and you should speak to your teacher to ensure your previous training is comparable with the type of Reiki you will be learning. Also there should be a verifiable, unbroken link back to Mikao Usui .

What do the terms Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden mean ?
These are the names for each level of Reiki training in Japanese.
Shoden – beginning teaching - First Degree or Level 1,

Okuden – deeper teaching, Second degree or Level 2 and;

Shinpiden – mystery teachings, Third degree or Reiki Master

Reiki Treatments

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a Reiki healing session?
No, not at all, it’s best to wear comfy clothes as you will be lying on a massage table.

Do I have to take my shoes or clothes off for a Reiki healing session, like a massage treatment?
No you don't, you simply lie on the massage table and we place a blanket over you if you wish. You can receive Reiki in a chair if you prefer. Most people take their shoes off, but this is not essential.