FAQs - Reiki

I have put these FAQs together from questions and comments from students, clients and friends over the years. If you have a question about Reiki, feel free to send me an email to louise@sacredlotushealing.com.au

What does Reiki energy feel like?
Many people describe the Reiki as a very warm and soothing sensation, sometimes it can feel a bit tingly or pulse-like. Sometimes it can even feel cool, I remember giving Reiki to someone when they had burnt their hand, and they described the energy as ice cold, exactly what was needed at that time. After a Reiki session people usually feel very calm and relaxed.

How do you learn Reiki?
Reiki is learnt by going to a Reiki teacher who will perform an attunement/s as well as the other information and techniques they will give you.
If someone has not been given a Reiki attunement, chances are they are not doing Reiki. Reiki is innate but needs to be brought to our conscious level by the Reiki Attunement process.
There are many different kinds of “hands on healing”. Reiki Ryoho differs from these, in particular due to the Reiki Attunement process. People sometimes think that if they can feel energy from someone’s hands it must be Reiki and this is not correct.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a Reiki healing session?
No, not at all, it’s best to wear comfy clothes as you will be lying on a massage table.

Do I have to take my shoes or clothes off for a Reiki healing session, like a massage treatment?
No you don't, you simply lie on the massage table and we place a blanket over you to keep you warm. In fact, you can receive Reiki in a chair if you prefer. Most people take their shoes off, but this is not essential.

Do you get drained from giving Reiki?
No, when we give Reiki the energy comes through us, not from us. In fact we get our own energy levels topped up. 

Can anybody learn Reiki or do you need a special gift/ability before you can do it?
Anybody can learn Reiki. Everybody of all ages and stages of life. Nobody fails a Reiki course - and its very simple to learn and do.

Where is Sacred Lotus Healing located?
Sacred Lotus Healing is located in Melbourne's South East suburb of Beaumaris, roughly 25 minutes from the Melbourne CBD or 35 minutes from Mornington.

Why do you recommend that people drink lots of water after a Reiki healing?
Reiki flows into our being and effects all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, if there are blocks or imbalances (and we ALL have them, it’s just part of being human) it helps to dislodge and remove them from our body. We can help this process along by drinking lots of water and also taking good care of ourselves e.g. resting and eating nourishing foods.

Is it Ok to drink alcohol and give or receive Reiki?
No I don’t believe that anybody should give or receive Reiki if they have just had any alcohol.

How long are your Reiki courses?
Level 1, which is the beginner level is usually taught over 2 full days. Level 2, the intermediate level, is also taught over 2 full days and Reiki Master Training is taught in stages including a three day intensive training course and a personalised programme specific to each student.

I learnt Reiki and I’ve forgotten everything, can I still give Reiki?
Once you have been attuned to Reiki, it stays with you for the rest of your life. Even if you feel you have forgotten, the Reiki Attunement is permanent and you will still be able to give Reiki.

Can I redo or retrain my Reiki course?
Yes if you choose, you can redo your Reiki course, any level. People decide to do this sometimes for a variety of reasons e.g. to refresh their memory of the theory or techniques they have been taught.

Do I have to do all levels of Reiki with the same teacher?
No you do not, some teachers say  this is essential, but I don't agree. There are however many, many different types of Reiki and you should speak to your teacher to ensure your previous training is comparable with the type of Reiki you will be learning. Also there should be a verifiable link back to Mikao Usui .

Who is Mikao Usui?
Mikao Usui is the founder of Usui Shiki Ryoho. He was a Japanese man who discovered Reiki after a fasting meditation on Mount Kurama in 1922.

What do the terms Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden mean ?
These are the names for each level of Reiki training in the Japanese Reiki styles.
Shoden – beginning teaching - First Degree or Level 1,

Okuden – deeper teaching, Second degree or Level 2 and;

Shinpiden – mystery teachings, Third degree or Reiki Master