A Reiki lineage traces the line of teaching and in Usui Reiki should be an unbroken  and verifiable line back to the founder Mikao Usui. This is a very useful way to know exactly what sort of Reiki you have been/will be taught.  Today there are hundreds of types of "Reiki" some originating from Usui sensei, some not.  Prospective Reiki students should consider asking the Reiki teacher for information about their  lineage, training and teaching experience. 

Students are given a copy of their teacher's lineage for their records. The only names that should appear on a lineage chart are the Reiki Master Teachers.

The following are the lineages for Louise Riley. Note- Karuna Reiki is not a Usui type of Reiki and is included for the sake of completeness.

2008 -  William Lee Rand style, this is a combination of Usui Shiki Ryoho( through Furumoto in 2 lineages) and Raku Kei ( Arthur Robertson- Tibetan influences) and Japanese techniques ( from Frank Petter) put together by Rand and initially called Usui/Tibetan Reiki. Louise was taught by Betty  and Bob Thuan in 2012, who were taught by William Rand in 1998.

Rand has studied with many Reiki Master Teachers, initially 3 that trace back through Takata, and more recently 2 -  so called Japanese styles, one with with Komyo Reiki Kai and the other, Gendai Reiki

2012 -Komyo Reiki Do ( formerly Kai)   - founder Inamoto Hyakuten, he says this a Hayashi style Reiki . Louise was taught by the founder Inamoto sensei.

2012- Karuna - a non Usui Reiki - founder William Lee Rand .

Current Reiki training- Louise is a Reiki Master candidate with Paul Mitchell, one of the 22 Reiki masters taught by Mrs Takata. Once this training is completed Louise will be teaching Usui Shiki Ryoho.

 Reiki students studying with Louise are given a copy of  her lineage chart.