Increase your Reiki

Whenever I teach Level 1 Reiki I suggest to my students that there are ways that they can increase their Reiki. This applies at whatever "Level" you have been attuned to.

Of course we know that once attuned to Reiki, specifically Usui Shiki Ryoho, this stays with us for the rest of our lives - such a bonus!

I sometimes have people come to me who have learnt Reiki, maybe some years ago and feel they have somehow lost the ability to give Reiki. I reassure them that if they were attuned to Reiki Ryoho then it is still very much in their being. All that is needed is to do Reiki. As Mrs Takata said; "Just do Reiki, Reiki, Reiki, Reiki and then you will know."

But back to our main topic, the well recognised ways to increase our Reiki are:

1. Take the next level of Reiki.

2. Ensure you are doing self Reiki every day, after all we should be taking care of ourselves first. I encourage all my students to do at least 30 minutes of Reiki for themselves each and every day. 

3. Engage in some kind of spiritual practise, e.g. meditation, yoga, T'ai Chi, prayer to name a few.

4. Receive Reiju - whenever Usui met with students and at Gakkai gatherings Reiju was always given. Today this is available at some Reiki share groups and other Reiki meetings. It is something I do at each of my Reiki share groups.

For me, I try to incorporate as much Reiki as I can so that it is a natural part of my everyday life - certainly not something just kept "special times" only.

As I continue to work with Reiki, it continues to teach me - in so many ways. I love that with each New Year I find my connection to Reiki deepens.

With this New Year I look forward to how I can continue to deepen my Reiki Practise and where it may lead me.........

Love and Light

Louise xox