Chris - Reiki client and student - 2019

I am a current client and student of Louise.

From the beginning,
I have had amazing healing experiences through Louise.

Louise’s knowledge in Reiki is not only broad, but her passion and vision of Reiki is clear through her teaching. 
Integrity and honour in her work, shines through her heart and hands.

I am grateful for my treatments and learnings, and look forward to further growth and healing with Louise.

Thank you.

Krystal - Reiki student September 2018

After searching for a teacher for months that I felt I could gel with I came across Louise at Sacred Lotus. I followed my intuition and chose to travel to Louise and complete Reiki 1 and it was the best decision I could have made. Louise has an incredible amount of knowledge and passion that she shares with her students, I have felt such a change in myself since I completed Reiki 1 and am feeling far more grounded and peaceful. I highly recommend Louise if you are looking to receive a treatment or learn Reiki she is just amazing and you can’t help but feel incredible when you are in her company. Thank you Louise for an incredible weekend I am so blessed to have met you 💕

Pam-Reiki client and student August 2018

It was wonderful to learn with you as you are so gentle and your knowledge and insight are amazing. I adore the self Reiki ..such a tranquil start to the day to sustain you for what may follow .... my mum loves it ..she is quite taken aback by the tranquility and i love the fact that there is warm human touch but without talking so the relaxation is total ...on both sides actually. My sceptical husband has also felt the heat ….. I cannot believe the related organs are exactly where i have problems

Lara - First Degree June 2018

I was drawn to training with Louise after reading her website and all the wonderful testimonials her students had written. The fact I am now writing my own is proof that they are all true! 

Louise provides a wonderfully warm and intimate space for her Reiki training. Her passion and knowledge for the subject are inspiring and I came away from the course   knowing that I had been gifted with a wonderful new addition to my self care routine.

I knew very little about Reiki before doing this course but from just one weekend spent with Louise, I continue to practice Reiki daily. I not only learnt a lot on the course about the history and theory of Reiki but came away feeling far more centred. I can’t recommend Louise as a teacher enough! 

Judy - First Degree May 2018

I completed a First Degree in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki taught by Reiki Master Teacher Louise Riley from 11th -13th May 2018. Louise was able to share all her knowledge and experience in Reiki and helped us to gain insight by learning the history behind Usui Reiki and how its been passed on through the years. Louise was able to teach us how to do Self Reiki and also to perform Reiki on family and friends.  Her passion and her gentle nature made it easy to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Reiki. Judy

Caz - level 1 2018

I was fortunate to study Reiki Level 1 under Louise in January. Louise’s course was offered in a warm, welcoming and safe space, in a small group setting which allowed for lots of teacher/student attention and interaction. Light refreshments were offered throughout the weekend which was a lovely little touch, with one of the students celebrating their birthday Louise so kindly surprised her with a birthday cake for morning tea! Louise’s extensive experience, knowledge and passion in the field of Reiki is apparent through her teachings ~ I highly recommend her to anyone considering studying Reiki. Thank you Louise for passing on the gift of Reiki hands!

Jaci - level 2 2018

I highly recommend Louise. She has taken me through both level 1 and 2 Reiki. The courses were a good balance of theory and practical, and I walked away with the confidence and knowledge to instantly start applying the learning's. If you are after a supportive, knowledgeable and kind Reiki teacher who provides ongoing guidance, then Louise is definitely the right fit.

Lainie - level 2 2017

Louise is a warm and caring teacher.  You can tell she enjoys teaching, but more than that she has an innate ability to connect to her students.  She also has a deep understanding of Reiki and it was a pleasure to learn from her.  Her integrity is outstanding - not only for the practice of Reiki, but how she communicates teaching practices to her students.  Thank you, Louise, I feel like I had a life changing experience learning Reiki from you. 

Afaf - level 1 2016

Louise is an amazing teacher and person truly treasured my weekend learning Reiki level 1 with her.


Louise is a truly gifted teacher. She is passionate about Reiki and lives her life with Reiki as her compass.
She is able to instill her passion, wisdom and love of Reiki in her students and their Reiki journey.
Louise is authentic, generous and intuitive. She teaches Reiki with wonderful compassion and encourages her students to go deeper into their souls to learn about themselves.I am grateful to have had Louise as my teacher and Mentor and can highly recommend her as a Reiki teacher.

Level 1 & 2 student


I have recently studied Reiki 1 & 2 with Louise at Sacred Lotus Healing. Louise is a caring and kind teacher, and clearly very passionate about Reiki, it's principals and sharing this gift. Louise taught me how to infuse Reiki into my everyday life as well as giving private and distant healings. Classes are conducted in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, with the opportunity to give and receive Reiki. Thank you Louise for sharing your knowledge, passion and love of Reiki with me!" 

Carla L.

Something strange and beyond my knowing drew me to Louise. Her teaching style was engaging, insightful and well informed. Louise conveyed information eloquently and also created a very comfortable, warm and open space for us to learn in. Her background in both Teaching and Nursing provides a very refined educational experience and I would highly recommend learning Reiki with Louise. The class was intimate and she attends to her students with much sincerity, respect and care.

Level 1 student, March 2017

Lainie K.

Louise is a warm and caring teacher.  You can tell she enjoys teaching, but more than that she has an innate ability to connect to her students.  She also has a deep understanding of Reiki and it was a pleasure to learn from her.  Her integrity is outstanding - not only for the practice of Reiki, but how she communicates teaching practices to her students.  Thank you, Louise, I feel like I had a life changing experience learning Reiki from you.

Level 1 student, March 2017


By the time I found Louise I had been practising Reiki for five years and had reached the point where I wanted to start teaching and sharing this beautiful energy on a larger scale. I had lost contact with my previous Reiki Master and decided to redo my Reiki Master Training with Louise. I received strong inner guidance that this was the right thing to do. Louise is a humble and beautiful spirit and to work with her on my Reiki journey had been a true blessing. I found the Reiki Master training to be a powerful and life changing experience and with Louise's ongoing support and the honesty that she brings to her interactions I found myself confident and standing strong in my own light when it came to teaching my first Reiki course. Louise is an amazing teacher and mentor and I highly recommend inviting her to become part of your Reiki journey. 

Reiki Masters training, March 2014

Greg R.

Louise is a person who is dedicated and committed to Reiki.

She is a caring and compassionate soul who finds the sharing of Reiki to be of the utmost importance, in the healing of people and our beautiful mother earth.

She is an excellent teacher and facilitator as well as practitioner, displaying empathy and kindness in all her activities.

She achieves this in the most humble of manners.

It is a joy to know Louise.

Andrea N.

I am truly grateful for all your valuable knowledge and insight you provided to N and myself, it was truly a wonderful experience and Reiki is truly wonderful. You are a great teacher and I can tell you are teaching something you truly believe in and love.

Level 1 student, 2012

Wingman Reiki Volunteer.

You are a wonderful inspiration to us all and I for one, commend you on your compassion and effort in bringing us all together....Now, I with your help can fly, as I have the confidence in my abilities to help many others.

Reiki Master - Wingman project volunteer, 2009

Trudy L.

In my view, Louise is an admirable person who walks her talk and is a very committed healer. Louise is intuitive and professional, with a sound knowledge of hands-on Reiki and a deep knowledge of the physical and emotional needs of the person under her hands.

Reiki Master, 2010

Pam D.

I have found Louise and her treatments powerfully spiritual and amazingly tranquil. Louise is amongst the most approachable and humble people I have met in my almost 55 years of living. Reiki itself is such an unobtrusive treatment and Louise is personification of a person working with her gifts in a remarkable way. You know when the angels are smiling upon and offering you their universal powers, that is how I feel whenever I have a treatment with Louise. xxxxxxx  

Reiki client, 2010

Bree C.

Louise was able to tailor the teaching to suit my needs and learning style. I found Louise to be professional and warm. I felt supported through the learning process and also after. 

Level 1 student, 2009

Sally W.

I have found that both my physical and mental well-being have benefited greatly from these Reiki sessions and I would highly recommend Louise to anyone.

Reiki client, 2010