Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese healing and spiritual technique, and is a form of complementary therapy. It is completely safe, non-invasive and non-manipulative.

Reiki Healing Appointments

Sacred Lotus Healing is conveniently located in Melbourne's South East suburbs and this is where the Reiki will be performed. Before your session begins, Louise will get an in-depth health history from you and will discuss in detail the ways Reiki may help you specifically. The Reiki healing will be given while you sit or lie comfortably on a massage table fully clothed. It is important you are comfortable and you are invited to let Louise know if there are any parts of your body that are painful to touch, special needs or if you need to shift your position at any point. During your Reiki session Louise will gently place her hands on or above different parts of your body. Clients have often said they feel incredibly peaceful and calm after even one session.

The standard Reiki healing session is for 90 minutes, this includes time to obtain some information about you and answer your questions. You will receive a minimum of 60 minutes hands-on Reiki during this time.

"I have found Louise to be professional in her approach but not in a cold or standoffish way. With Louise, her manner has always been calm, compassionate and warm. Because of this I have been able to relax quickly and easily and have been able to trust Louise completely. I have found both my physical and mental well-being have benefited greatly from these Reiki sessions and I would highly recommend Louise to anyone." Sally W.

The effects vary between people, but usually you will feel a warmth from the Reiki and be very relaxed, many people fall asleep during their Reiki treatment (this does not affect the Reiki flow into you). Reiki is also a great form of healthcare maintenance for you in a similar way to receiving a monthly massage.

How many Reiki healing sessions should I have?

Many of my clients come for a Reiki healing session to experience what Reiki actually feels like, and you will experience this after just one session. You can then decide if you would like further or regular sessions. Regular sessions are very helpful for wellness maintenance. You can also purchase a Gift Certificate for someone to experience the Reiki healing - a great introduction for people.

Many other clients come for a specific health condition, in this instance it is recommended that you come for at least few sessions initially to fully take advantage of the healing properties. The benefits of Reiki are cumulative, the Reiki energy can heal deeper layers with each session. Sometimes clients want to clear away what has taken a lifetime to accumulate, and this does not happen overnight.

For serious health conditions it is suggested to have Reiki healing sessions as close together as convenient and then we can assess how you would like to proceed.

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